Uzma Khan has Revoked Her Appeal Against Amna Usman Malik

Uzma Khan has Revoked Her Appeal Against Amna Usman Malik. Uzma has also been one of the best actresses of the Pakistani television industry. She has attacked by Amna and 12 gunmen. Amna’s gunmen were holding Uzma and Amna was just beating her up. She has also accused Uzma of having an affair with her husband Usman Malik. Uzma has also accepted that Usman and she were just friends for two years.

Amna has humiliated Uzma and her sister Huma Khan. After the incident, Uzma and her sister has gone to the police station and registered her FIR against Amna. Now one week later everything has changed, Uzma Khan has Revoked Her Appeal Against Amna.

Amna has made a video to tell her side of the story where she had said ” she didn’t do anything wrong. She has been married to Usman for thirteen years. Amna and Usman also have a seven-year-old son. She also said that she has left her husband right after this incident.

Amna also revealed that ” Uzma was telling a lie”. She hasn’t been to Ittikaf. She has also said that “When she reaches to Uzma’s house, Usman was sitting on the couch and Uzma and her sister Huma were doing drugs and drinking alcohol.

On the other hand, Uzma has said in her video that ” Usman was forcing her to marry him but she has said no to him several times”. She also said that ” Amna has also thrown kerosene on her and her sister “. Uzma also said that ” Amna and has ordered his gunmen to touch her and molest her”.

Khadija Siddiqui takes the charge of Uzma’s case as her lawyer. She has also been one of the most amazing lawyers in Pakistan. Khadija has tweeted her feeling about this case revocation. She has tweeted that “This is to announce that we are disassociating from #UzmaKhan case. I understand the reasons for any settlement by two aggrieved women in a rigged system, my conscience doesn’t allow me to be part of any of that, even in a professional capacity. Struggle against lawlessness continues”

Uzma Khan has Revoked Her Appeal Against
Uzma Khan’s Lawyer tweet about the case revocation. Photo: Twitter/Khadija Siddiqi.

In her Tweet, she has said that ” She has to announce her disassociation with the Uzma Khan case”. She also said that ” her morals don’t allow her to be a part of such kind of case. Struggle against lawlessness continues”.

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