The Serial Tum Ho Wajah Episode 9 Promo has been out on HUM TV

The Serial Tum Ho Wajah Episode 9 Promo has been out on HUM TV. HUM TV has also been one of the most amazing and huge channels in Pakistan. This channel HUM TV has given many amazing and incredible dramas to the people over the years. This time The Serial Tum Ho Wajah Episode 9 promo is out now. The drama has an amazing story and it is going through an amazing phase. The makers of the drama have assembled one of the best cast for the drama.

There are some huge names in the drama Tum Ho Wajah such as Sawera Nadeem, Shahood Alvi, Shehzad Sheikh, Sumbul Iqbal, Saboor Ali, Ali Abbas, Raza Talish, and many others are in the drama serial.

In episode 9 promo of the drama Tum  Ho Wajah, Shehzad tells Sumbul that ” he has done promise to his parents”. Sumbul asks him what kind of promise. Shehzad tells her that “after coming into this house, she can’t go back to her parent’s house.

Shahood was telling Sawera that” he has said before that Sumbul is dead of them”. Kashif Mehmood interfere and said ” it is not right, Sumbul is our daughter”, Shahood slaps Kashif and Kashif has slapped him back.

Ali tells Sawera that her husband and his father Shahood are no more he is dead. Sawera slaps him and tells him to shut up. On the other hand, Sumbul was telling Shehzad and his family that she wants to go to her father’s funeral. Shehzad has stopped her from doing so.

Sumbul asks that “why can’t she go, if your father was your father’s funeral instead of my father what would you do. Shehzad got angry and he also slaps her. The drama episode 9 promo has been amazing. The full episode is also surely going to be amazing and interesting. Saima Waseem has directed the drama. Samina Ejaz has written the drama. Dramebaaz & MD Production has produced the drama Tum Ho Wajah.

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