The Police Made A Cozy Condo For A Cat Since She Visited The Police Department Frequently

For the last several years, a stray calico feline has been an unofficial mascot for the Boston Police Department’s SWAT team, and they called her the SWAT cat.

Since the members of the department had tried convincing her to come inside but all attempts were failed, they started building her little houses to accommodate her outdoor lifestyles.

Officer Jamie Pietroski was the one who stayed late after work for several night to complete the SWAT Cat’s new home. “The condo features a spacious studio interior layout, a large deck for outdoor dining and glass sliding doors offering panoramic city view.” – said Pietroski.

Meet the SWAT Cat of the Boston Police Department’s SWAT team.

The whole team decide to make her a cozy condo since she refused to come inside.

The condo in process.

The officers probably love this cat so much that they paid so much efforts in.

Officer Jamie Pietroski was the one who stayed for several nights to complete the condo.

SWAT Cat finally adjusted to her new home.

This cat is probably one of the luckiest stray cat out there.