The Drama Zebaish Episode 3 Promo has been out Now on HUM TV

The Drama Zebaish Episode 3 Promo has been out Now on HUM TV. HUM TV has been one of the most amazing channels in Pakistan. This channel has also given the audiences some really amazing and interesting dramas. This time HUM TV has released the drama Zebaish Episode 3 promo. This dama Zebaish story has been amazing and written with perfection. There are some huge names in the cast of the drama Zebaish.

The makers have assembled some amazing actors such as Bushra Ansari, Zara Noor Abbas Siddiqui, Asad Siddiqui, Babar Ali Shabbir Jan, Asma Abbas, and many others. people are loving the drama Zebaish episode 2 promo. The drama Zebaish is looking amazing looking from its first episode and the teasers. Zebaish is surely going to be one of the best dramas on HUM TV.

In episode 3 promo of the drama Zebaish, Police was asking the guy in black that ” Nafees Uddin’s has shot him twice. The guy in black tries to give the answer that ” it was a doing of a gang but he didn’t complete his sentence”.

Shabbir was telling Babar that ” the widow Asma has such a beautiful daughter”. Asma was asking the lady police that “If she had seen her daughter”. The Lady Police said ye they have seen her daughter. Asma desperately asked the lady Police, where have you seen her daughter. The Police told her that “an owner of a big car has picked her form here”.

Episode 3 promo of the drama, Zebaish has been amazing and interesting. The full episode 3 of the drama is surely going to be awesome. The drama has reached its 3rd episode and people are loving the drama Zeabish. Iqbal Hussain has directed the drama. Bushra Ansari has also written the drama. Momina Duraid Production has produced the drama Zebaish.

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