The drama Meherposh Episode 12 Teaser has been out on Har Pal Geo

The drama Meherposh Episode 12 Teaser has been out on Har Pal Geo. Har Pal Geo has also been one of the most amazing channels in Pakistan. This channel has also made some amazing dramas in the past for the audiences. This time Har Pal Geo has released the drama Meherposh Episode 12 teaser. The drama Meherposh has an amazing storyline and also brilliantly written script.

There is not just an amazing storyline but the makers also have assembled one of the best star cast such as Danish Taimoor, Ayeza Khan, Sania Saeed, Ali Abbas, Rehan Sheikh, Iffat Rahim, Ismat Zaidi, and many other amazing actors. The drama Meherposh has already reached its 3rd episode. People are also loving drama Meherposh.

The drama Meherposh Episode 12 Teaser has been Amazing.

In episode 12 of the drama Meherposh, Ali meets Ayeza somewhere and started talking to her in a very bad way. Ali was telling Ayeza that” why she is getting so angry because Ali is just saying the truth”?  Danish tells Ayeza “let’s go from here”.

Ali stops Danish and asks him that ” He was talking to Ayeza why are you getting angry”. Ali also asks Danish that ” what is your relationship with Ayeza”. After hearing that Danish gets really angry and he started the fight with Ali.

Ali’s brother was crying and he threw a glass. Ali asks him”what kind of behaviour is this? He also asks him how dare him to this nonsense in his house. Arez said that “it was a mistake but Ali has seen him throwing a glass. Arez really got ticked off and tells Ali to talk to him in manners”.

Ayeza was asking Danish that” after disgracing her does he feels relief.” Zainab interfere in between and asks Ayeza that ” what Ali has done over there was that fine? Danish stops Zainab and tells her that “She doesn’t need to justify Danish in front of Ayeza”.

The Drama Meherposh episode 12 teaser has been really amazing. The full episode 12 of the drama is also surely going to be awesome. Mazhar Moin has directed the drama Meherposh. Misbah Nosheen has written the drama Meherposh. Abdullah Kadwani & Asad Qureshi has produced the drama Meherposh.

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