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The Drama Ishqiya Episode 22 Promo is out now On ARY Digital

The Drama Ishqiya Episode 22
ARY Digital has released the promo of the episode 22 of the drama Ishqiya.

The Drama Ishqiya Episode 22 Promo is out now On ARY Digital. ARY Digital has also been one of the most amazing channels in Pakistan. This channel has also given many amazing and entertaining dramas over the years. This time ARY Digital has released The Drama Ishqiya episode 22 promo. The drama has been going through an amazing phase. People are loving the phase because it has some amazing twists.

The story of the drama Ishqiya has been a little different from other dramas on ARY. The makers of the drama Ishqiya have assembled the best star cast. There are some huge names such as Ramsha Khan, Hania Amir, Feroze Khan, Gohar Rasheed, Shabbir Jan, Khalid Anum, and others.

Episode 22 promo of the drama Ishqiya. Hanai was remembering her father has told her that ” He sees her as the boy because she is very responsible”. Shabbir also told Hania that ” he always shares the problem of the house with Hania”.

Feroz’s father Khalid was also saying that ” Hania has been really close to her father”. Hania has locked her self in her room. Feroz was asking her to open the door. On the other hand, Gohar was talking to Ramsha on the phone and was telling her that ” He had said no to doing so but she didn’t listen”.

Ramsha remembers that Shabbir has told her that ” his faith was not for one it was for both of you Ramsha and Hania. Ramsha tells Gohar to home and takes rest. Gohar also said to Ramsha that ” He will go but after but first Feroz go then he will go”.

Feroz was saying to Gohar after Shabbir they both have to take care of their wife’s family. Gohar cut Feroz n between what he was saying, and asks him that ” he must be tired, he should home”.

People are loving the drama Ishqiya because the cast and the story of the drama were too good. Badar Mehmood has directed the drama. Mohsin Ali Shah has written the drama Ishqiya.


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