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The Drama Dil Ruba Episode 11 Promo has been Out on HUM TV

The Drama Dil Ruba Episode
HUM TV has released the episode 11 Promo of the drama Dil Ruba.

The Drama Dil Ruba Episode 11 Promo has been Out on HUM TV. Hum Tv has also been one of the biggest Pakistani channels. This channel has given the most amazing and interesting dramas to its audiences. This time Hum Tv has released The Drama Dil Ruba Episode 11 Promo. The drama Dil Ruba also has an amazing and interesting storyline going on.

The makers of the drama Dil Ruba has assembled one of the best star cast such as Hania Amir, Marina Khan, Shehroze Sabzwari, Mohib Mirza, Asad Siddiqui, Syed Jibran, and many others. The drama has been doing good and people are loving the drama serial because of the story and cast.

In episode 11 promo of the drama Dil Ruba, Asad was following Hania on streets and also taunting her saying ” what kind of clothes you are wearing”? Asad also said that ” she looks better before her marriage”.

Hania asks her neighbor for his help because his friend Asad was ruining her life. She tells her neighbor that ” please help her because your friend was trying to ruin her life”. She was also crying while asking him for help.

Asad’s friend tells Asad that ” Hania’s brother is looking for Asad”. Asad replies to him that “it is ok! let him find out what kind of relationship her sister and Asad share”. Asad’s replies make Hania’s neighbor and Asad’s friend angry and he took out his gun and points it to Asad.

The promo of episode 11 of the drama Dil Ruba has been looking amazing. The full episode 11 is also surely going to be amazing. People have shown their love for the drama Dil Ruba because of the cast and the script of the drama. Ali Hasan has been the director of the drama. Qaisera Hayat has written the script for the drama. Momina Duraid Production has produced the drama Dil Ruba.


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