Shahrukh Khan has Posted a Video for his fans to be Safe

Shahrukh Khan has Posted a Video for his fans to be Safe. Now its time to be serious because coronavirus has been affecting everywhere in the world. Shahrukh has also posted a video for his fans that they should take this virus seriously. In his video, he was trying to make everyone understand that now is the time to be serious about this. SRK’s video has also about that all of humanity have to unite to fight this virus.

Shahrukh is one of the most famous actors of Bollywood. Shahrukh has a huge influence over his huge fan base. He also shares a message on his Instagram account. He captions it ” We must all do our bit and support the officials doing so much for us. #WarAgainstVirus¬†@my_bmc”.

Shahrukh Khan has Posted a Video for his
Shahrukh Khan has posted a video for his fans to be safe. Photo: Instagram/iamsrk.

His caption is about that ” we have to do our part of the duty because we have to unite for our country and world. The officials doing so much for us and they want us to be safe and to stay at home”.

Shahrukh is saying in his video that ” doctors are doing their duties everywhere. Doctors are also at the Airport for checking every passenger. We just have to do one thing and that is to be safe by staying at home.

He also said that “wash our hand properly and regularly. When sneeze we should cover our face with our hand or tissue”. He further said, ” If possible don’t go out when it is not necessary, stay at home”. If someone is affected near you maintain distance from him/her”. To be safe we have to prevent us from doing unnecessary things.

There are many people in the world who have died because of coronavirus. This time Shahrukh has also come out to create awareness for his fans and people.

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