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Salman Khan Gets Angry On Bigg Boss 13 Contestant Shehnaaz Gill

Wahaj Ali



Salman Khan Gets Angry On Bigg
Salman Khan scolded Shehnaaz Gill. photo:instagram/shehnaazgill

Salman Khan Gets Angry On Bigg Boss 13 Contestant Shehnaaz Gill on her behavior. Shehnaaz has been behaving a bit weird to everyone in the house. Shehnaaz claims that she has a problem with housemates calling her jealous of Mahira Sharma. At this weekend ka vaar, she even misbehaves with Salman and that makes him angry.

In this weekend ka vaar episode, Salman asked the housemates about Shehnaaz’s jealousy. Salman has put Mahira and Shehnaaz in a task. Where the housemates have to fill the jar with color. In order to see who is more jealous of each other.

Every housemate has spilled the color to Shehnaaz’s jar. After seeing that Bigg Boss contestant Shehnaaz started crying. While she was crying she asks Salman that “Do he thinks that Shehnaaz is jealous of Mahira”. Salman replied, “if everyone is saying that you are jealous than you are jealous”.

After Listening to Salman’s reply Shenaaz broke into tears. Shehnaaz said that “Salman has let her down and she wants to leave the house immediately”. After hearing what Shehnaaz said, Salman couldn’t control his anger. Salman started scolding Shehnaaz.

He also told Siddharth Shukla to be aware of Shehnaaz. Salman said that Shehnaaz is in love with Shukla. He further said to be careful of Shehnaaz. She can be dangerous to herself.

Salman has to go inside the house to celebrate the Bigg Boss 13 success. As Salman comes into the house he interacts with every housemate except Shehnaaz. Salman completely ignores Shehnaaz and came directly to the house.

Siddharth went to talk to Shehnaaz about what happened to her.

He asks her to come inside as they were celebrating the show’s success. Salman called Siddharth back in and said that ” there is no place for misbehaving in this house”. Later Shehnaaz came back with Arti Singh.

Shehnaaz apologizes to Salman about her behavior towards him. Salman forgives her by saying that ” it Doesn’t affect him at all. Shehnaaz asks Salman to hug her and Salman graciously hugs her. Before coming out Salman tries to put some sense into Shehnaz.

Salman Khan Gets Angry On Bigg Boss 13 Contestant.

Salman gets angry because of Shehnaaz. She was not listening to him or anyone who is trying to tell her something. Then Salman got angry at her and even scolded her.

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