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Ruswai Episode 22: Sameera’s Father Apologize to Her

Ruswai Episode 22: Sameera's
Sameera's father dies after his accident.

Ruswai Episode 22: Sameera’s Father Apologize to Her for his deeds. Sameera and Salman’s marriage is over. Salman has finally signed the divorce paper. Sameera got a divorce from Salman with the full haq meher. Sameera was not on talking terms with her father because of the decisions that he had made. Her father apologizes to her and said forgive him and he can’t live like this. Sameera didn’t give a reply of anything he has said.

Later in the episode, Sameera’s father had an accident. The reason for the accident as he was very disturbed because of his daughter not talking to him. The doctor tells Sameera and her family that her father is not responding.

The also tells her that her father was in a deep coma. They can only pray for his health. The doctor said that ” they have tried everything but he is just not responding to anything. Hamza asks Sameera about what the doctor is saying.

Hamza asks his wife what she is doing in the hospital? He tells his wife to go from the hospital. Sameera’s mother was in shock after hearing about her father’s accidents.

On the other hand, Pinky asks Salman to have a reception of their marriage. Salman tells her about the accident of Sameera’s father. Salman’s father tells his wife that his friend (Sameera’s father) is dying because of them. He also tells his wife to leave him alone and go away.

Hamza came back from the hospital and tells his mother that the police found a gun in his car. He also said that he didn’t know about his father’s health. He said his father was trying to attempt suicide.

Hamza asks his mother why his father was trying to attempt suicide. His mother blamed Hamza’s wife for everything happen to his father. Hamza gets angry at his wife and tells her to leave. She and her family were responsible for everything.

Hamza also said that ” if anything happens to his father he will make everyone’s life miserable”. Wardha’s father asks Hamza how is your father? Hamza said he doesn’t want to continue any relationship with a person like you. He asks Wardha’s father why are you here?

Wardha’s father tells Hamza he was here to see his father but Hamza immediately said no. Hamza said that no one can see his father from his family and tells them to leave. Sameera asks his father to forgive her and he puts his hand on her head.

Sameer asks the doctor to check him. She comes out of the room and tells Hamza that they have to do brain surgery. Then the doctor tells Sameera and Hamza that their father is no more.

Wardha asks Hamza to forgive her but he tells her to shut up. Wardha, confesses that her mother forced her to come to Salman’s marriage. Hamza tells his wife Wardha that because of her his father gets ill.

He said that “when your father will die then I will ask you about the feelings”. In the Ruswai Episode 22: Sameera’s father dies after his getting in a coma.

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