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Ruswai Drama: Hamza Becomes Father of a New Born Baby Boy

Ruswai Drama: Hamza Becomes Father of a New
Hamza has become the father of the new born baby boy In Ruswai Drama.

Ruswai Drama: Hamza Becomes Father of a New Born Baby Boy. Ruswai is one of the most-watched drama going on ARY Digital. The dram is about how a tragedy can change the relationships between the peoples. The Ruswai drama is going strong on its TRP. In order to make an excellent drama the makers have chosen absolutely amazing star cast for the dram Ruswai. The star cast of the drama is amazing such as Sana Javed, Mikaal Zulfiqar, Osama Tahir, and many others.

After so much tragedy there is a little bit of happiness comes in the life of Hamza. Ruswai Drama: Hamza Becomes Father of a New born baby boy. He was so worried about his son. If his son is healthy or not.

Hamza visits the room and tells his wife that he was worried. His wife said that Hamza had prayed to Allah. Hamza replied that he has done many prayers for many things. Hamza’s wife tells him that Allah always listens when the time was right.

Hamza answers her that” He wishes even he could live in a delusional world like her”. Hamza’s wife also said that ” all three of them are not credulous, they are the reality of life”.

Then Hamza replies that ” There is another reality that Salman is your brother. Who has ruined my sister’s life and played an important role in the death of my father”.

Hamza’s father has is dead because his sister got divorced. Hamza blames his wife’s brother for his father’s death and for ruining the life of his sister. Hamza was very happy after hearing that he has become father of a baby boy.

Now the question is how long happiness will stay in Hamza’s life. ARY Digital has uploaded this short video of the Ruswai drama. Their fans are waiting eagerly for the episode.


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