Kangana Ranaut Made a Video to Reveal Fact of Sushant Rajput’s Death

Kangana Ranaut Made a Video to Reveal Fact of Sushant Rajput’s Death. Kangana has also been one of the most amazing and blunt actresses. She has also been standing against the nepotism because she did some amazing films and didn’t get the reward for it. Kangana has been one of the best actresses and she has taken a stand for Sushant Singh Rajput‘s death.

Kangna has made a video before, in her previous video, she has taken the mask off the faces of movie mafia. According to her Karan Johar, Salman Khan, Ekta Kapoor and other biggies are the movie mafia of Bollywood. Kangana Ranaut Made a Video to Reveal the fact of Sushant’s death.

Kangana Ranaut Made a Video to Reveal the Facts Of Sushant Singh Rajput’s Death.

In her latest video, she has said that” after the death of Sushant Singh Rajput many things have come into being. She had also done some research on him herself”. Sushant’s father has said that ” He was been very disturb because of this discrimination going in with him”.

The director Abhishek Kapoor who had done a movie Kedarnath recently in time with Sushant. Kedarnath has also been the debut of a star kid Sara Ali Khan. Abhishek has said that it has been done systematically to dismantle a fragile mind.

Kangana also said There have been some false items of news also. Mumbai Mirror has written on 16 Dec2016 that “Sushant looks like a normal truck driver”. On the 22nd Feb, Mumbai Mirror has written that “Sushant has done some nuisance in a party and also broke glass bottle on the head of the director.

There have been many allegations like this on Sushant to torture him mentally. Kangana has posted this video on her Instagram account. She has also written the caption ” Emotional, psychological, and mental lynching. on an individual happens openly and we all are all guilty of watching it silently. Is blaming the system enough? Will there ever be change? Are we going to see a monumental shift in the narrative on how outsiders are treated”?

Kangna Ranaut Made a Video to Reveal
Kangana Ranaut has made another video to share some facts about Sushant’s death. Photo: Instagram/ team_kangana_ranaut.

She has been very vocal about Nepotism and she had taken names of the people of Movie Mafia. Sushant demise has always forgotten. He will always remember as one of the best human beings in Bollywood.

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