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Friday Night SmackDown John Morrison Returns to Help The Miz

Wahaj Ali



Friday Night SmackDown John
Friday Night SmackDown. photo:facebook/WWE SmackDown

Friday Night SmackDown John Morrison Returns to Help The Miz. There were many amazing moments and returns on this week’s Friday night SmackDown episode. Last week John has appeared to backstage but this week it is a little different because he has cleared everything.

The Show started with the Miz’s talk show Miz TV. His guest was making his return to SmackDown. He is none other than his long-time friend John. John was making his return after a long period of eight years.

John has also revealed it on Miz TV. He was hoping to make his return at the Royal Rumble but he makes his return earlier. He returned earlier to help his friend the Miz with this Fiend Situation.

Last week Kofi beats the Miz on Friday Night SmackDown. So this week the Miz was having a rematch with Kofi. John was at ringside he took out the New Day member Big E that distracted Kofi and helps the Miz to pick a win over Kofi. Next will John will face each other in a match.

Alexa Bliss was having a match with Mandy Rose. Both competitors were amazing in the ring. While the match was going on Heavy Machinery came out to the ring. Heavy Machinery entrance distracted Bliss and Mandy collects the win over Bliss. Mandy has also gifted a fruit cake to Heavy Machinery’s Otis.

Lacey Evans and Sasha Banks were scheduled for a match with each other on Friday Night SmackDown. Sasha didn’t come to the ring then Lacey goes backstage to find Sasha. While finding Sasha Bayley attacks on Lacey. Lacey also fights back to Bayley and left her laying on the floor.

The Usos who returned last week on SmackDown. The Usos returned to help their cousin the Big Dog Roman Reigns. This week SmackDown’s main event match was between the Usos vs Baron Corbin and Dolph Ziggler.

The two teams were going at each other with full force. The Revival interferes in the match. Roman comes out and hits a superman punch to the Revival. Corbin takes out Roman while Jimmy Uso hits a superkick to Ziggler.

Corbin puts Jimmy Uso to the post. Roman was preparing to powerbomb Corbin through the table but at the same time, Robert Roode comes out of nowhere and attacks Roman.

Corbin hits deep-six to one of the Usos. Both the teams get disqualified. Neither The Usos Or Corbin and Ziggler didn’t win the match. Corbin, Ziggler was the last three men standing at the end of the show.

Friday Night SmackDown John Morrison returned to Help his Friend The Miz.

John has to return as a surprise entrant in the Royal Rumble but he decided to return now. He makes his return early because of The Miz. He was going through a rough phase and he needs someone like John Morrison.

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