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First Friday Night SmackDown of 2020 Marks Some Amazing Returns

First Friday Night SmackDown of 2020
The Very First Smack Down of this year 2020. photo:facebook/WWE SmackDown

First Friday Night SmackDown of 2020 Marks Some Amazing Returns. WWE has a history with returns of the superstars. In the past, there are many returns such as John Cena returns from the injury at the Royal Rumble or The Rock returns for the first SmackDown o Fox.

The show starts with a triple threat match. Between Lacey Evan and Dana Brooke vs WWE women’s champion Bayley and Sasha Banks vs Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross. Lacey and Dana won the match after pinning the Boss Sasha.

At the backstage On SmackDown, The New Day runs into The Miz.

Miz has been in the worst mood after he lost Daniel Bryan last week. As  New Day members Kofi and Big E were celebrating the first SmackDown of 2020.

Miz ruins the celebration and challenges Kofi for the match. Kofi beats The Miz. The Miz takes a cheap shot on Kofi and slides down from the ring.

In a conversation going on backstage Shorty G challenged Dash Wilder. Shorty G defeats wilder with by a submission hold the ankle lock. The  Revival’s members Scott Dawson jumps Shorty G from behind.

Then the music of Celtic warrior Sheamus hits. Sheamus is returning back from the injury. He comes in the ring and Brogue Kick the fallen Shorty G. Sheamus has been out of the scene because of the injury he suffered. It is also the WWE SmackDown’s first return of 2020.

After Suffering the First loss of 2020 to Kofi On the First Friday Night SmackDown of 2020.

Miz was in his locker room. While the WWE reporter tried to have a word with The Miz about his loss to Kofi. She knocks on the Miz’s door. John Morrison comes out and tells the reporter that The Miz doesn’t want to talk about anything right now.

Morrison has recently signed the new contract with WWE. Morrison and Miz are the tag team champions at one point in WWE. They call their team Miz n Morisson. They had also won the Slammy Award for the Best Tag Team of the year.

In an interview with Cathy Kelly at WWE SmackDown backstage, Daniel talked about his match the Feind Bray Wyatt. He said that he is going to defeat The Feind and go to Wrestlemania as the WWE Universal Champion.

The Big Dog Roman Reigns who is standing there with Daniel tell him that if Daniel is going to Wrestlemania then he is looking for the Universal championship match with Daniel. Roman said that he will win the Royal Rumble Match and headline Wrestlemania again.

Roman has developed quite an interesting rivalry against King Corbin On SmackDown.

Dolph had been the ally of Corbin in his feud with Roman. Corbin and Dolph have humiliated Roman after handcuffing him. They hanged him on the ring post and covered him in dog food.

Therefore Roman and Daniel take on Corbin and Ziggler in a tag team match. The starts Corbin immediately attacks Roman and tried to take an early win. But it is Not Easy to take down The Big Dog.

Daniel and Roman were in full control on Corbin and Ziggler Bryan hits Ziggler with a running knee immediately after that The Feind Bray Wyatt interferes between the match and slams him through the barricade.

While the match is going Corbin and Ziggler again tries to handcuff Roman and cover him with the dog food. But Roman’s cousins The Usos returns to help their cousin.

The Usos super kicked Ziggler on the ramp and also superkicks Corbin in the ring. Then they uncuff Roman from the ring. The has been out for a long time due to an injury.

First Friday Night SmackDown of 2020 witnessed some Amazing Returns.

WWE has always been famous for the returns of their superstars. This episode marks some biggest superstar returns such as The Celtic Warrior Sheamus, John Morrison, and The former WWE TagTeam Champions Jimmy and Jay The Usos.


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