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Drama Jhooti Teaser Nirma Back off’s from Her Wedding with Nasir

Drama Jhooti Teaser Nirma Back
Iqra Aziz had brilliantly portrayed the role of Nirma in drama jhooti. ARYDigital/youtube

Drama Jhooti Teaser Nirma Back off’s from Her Wedding with Nasir. Iqra Aziz Hussain is playing the role of Nirma. Iqra has brilliantly played the role of Nirma. The drama Jhooti is Iqra’s first project after her marriage with Yasir Hussain. Jhooti is the first drama serial of Yasir and Iqra together.

In the first episode of the drama Nasir (Ahmed Ali Butt) sends the proposal for Nirma. He is totally the opposite of Nirma. Nirma has other thoughts for her life partner. She wants to marry a rich man.

ARY Digital has recently uploaded the teaser of the second episode. Nirma agrees to marry Nasir on her condition. She said that ” If Nasir is ready to give away his shop and house to Nirma”.

Nasir agrees to Nirma terms and says ” He will do everything she wants, he also says that he loves her. He will never deny anything she says”. Then Nirma agrees to marry him but when the Qazi sahib reveals her mahr she instantly backs off form her nikah.

Nirma was thinking that she will get a house and shop in her mahr. The Qazi reveals the actual mahr is five lacs. This is the reason that she backs off from her nikah.

Nirma asks her father that Nasir and his family were cheating with her. She says that she will not say yes to this marriage. What is going to happen in the next episode of the drama Jhooti?

The character of Nimra is a very Self-centered and selfish girl. She has dreamt of getting married to a rich guy because she was born in a middle-class family. She wishes to have a luxurious lifestyle after her marriage.

Drama Jhooti Teaser Nirma Back off’s from Her Wedding Because of Mahr.

Iqra has pulled off some very big roles in her career in Pakistan ‘s drama industry. In this drama Jhooti, she will be seen as playing the role of who is a big liar. Iqra and Yasir are working for the first time with each other. Let’s see what will she do? and what will be the reaction of Nasir family on her decision?


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