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Bigg Boss Contestant Shehnaaz Gill Accepts She is Jealous

Bigg Boss Contestant Shehnaaz
Shehnaaz Gill Bigg Boss 13 Contestant. photo:instagram/shehnaaz.gill

Bigg Boss Contestant Shehnaaz Gill Accepts She is Jealous. Shehnaaz said, “she is jealous because of Sidharth Shukla giving attention to other housemates instead of her”. She also said that “she needs attention all the time”. She is an attention seeker someone Should pay some attention to her.

Last night at weekend ka vaar Shehnaaz gets a little confused in a conversation with Salman Khan. She accepted that she’s jealous because of Sidharth. He doesn’t pay enough attention to her and didn’t talk to her much.

Shehnaaz also said her Sidharth is always showing his attitude towards her. She also confessed that “she was always convincing Sidharth to talk to her but he is always in his attitude”. On the other hand, Sidharth never does the same for her.

In this episode, Kangna Ranaut and Jassie Gill were there in the house and played some games. They were there to promote their upcoming movie  Panga but at the end of the game, there was a dance face-off between Sidharth and Paras Chhabra.

Then Jassie said that he is going to sing Shehnaaz’s song “Hauli Hauli Gidhe Vich Nach Patlo”. Shehnaaz gets emotional because Jassie has sung her song and this makes her totally emotional. When Kangna and Jassie were gone from the house Shehnaaz breaks into tears.

Salman was in a good mood at weekend ka vaar. Salman and Kangna also played some games. In that game, they are yelling their dialogues on the stage segment. After that Kangana went to meet the housemates. Salman also messes with the housemates.

After everything is done Shehnaaz also confesses to Arti Singh. When she talks to other housemates such as Rashmi Desai, Vishal Aditya Singh, and Asim Riaz, Sidharth gets upset and tells her don’t talk to them. When she tells Sidharth don’t talk to Paras and Mahira. He never listens to anything she said to him.

Bigg Boss Contestant Shehnaaz Gill Revealed that She is Jealous of Other Housemates.

Shehnaaz Gill is the most favorite contestant of the housemates in Bigg Boss season 13. In the next episode, Shehnaaz Gill Snaps over everyone and Vishal and Madhurima Tuli get involved in a very ugly fight with each other.


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