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Bigg Boss 13: Rajat Sharma Asks Hard Hitting Questions To Salman Khan

Bigg Boss 13: Rajat
Rajat Sharma is asking Salman khan hard hitting Questions.

Bigg Boss 13: Rajat Sharma Asks Hard-Hitting Questions To Salman Khan. Salman and Rajat are great friends of each other. Both of them have made numerous appearances on each other’s shows. Rajat went to Bigg Boss 13  at 10 February somvar ka vaar. He asks Salman some very hard-hitting questions. He also tells Salman that ” He has also broken few rules of Bigg Boss.”

Salman has introduced Rajat by referring him as an elder brother and the well-wisher of Bigg Boss. After coming on stage Rajat tells Salman that ” as always he likes to ask some questions.” He asks Salman to bring the witness box on stage.

Rajat asks Salman that he has broken some rules such as he has informed the housemates about the outside world. Salman says that ” Informing the housemates such as Rashmi Desai, Asim Riaz, and Paras Chhabra about the outside world has become necessary with some situations.”

Rajat asks Salman that ” he was hosting this show for ten years now.

Then why he always keeps saying that he will not host the next season. Rajat tells him that ” Salman does this because he wants the channel to increase his payment.”

He also asks Salman that ” In this Bigg Boss 13 is ruining everyone’s relationship, and is about if he is not getting married then no one else should get married.” Salman’s answer was nothing but loud laughter.

Rajat accuses Salman of accusing Asim for Himanshi Khurana’s breakup with her fiance. Salman clarifies himself that Himanshi has told Asim that she is engaged but Asim didn’t understand. After Himanshi eviction she and her fiance have broken up.

In the next episode, Rajat will be seen asking some hard questions to the contestants. He will ask everyone about the thing and deeds they have done in the house.

Bigg Boss 13: Rajat Sharma Tells Salman Khan That He has Broken some Rules Of  Bigg Boss 13.

Salman Khan and Rajat Sharma share a good bond with each other. Salman has answered all the questions of Rajat. In this episode, no one got evicted but someone is going to evict sooner or later this finale week. The Finale of the Bigg Boss 13 is on  15th February.


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