Authors List

Authors List

Wahaj Ali

Quick learner and Efficient. Wahaj Ali is our news breaker. He studied BS in Computer Science. He is serving the news and entertainment industry since 2018. He loves to write about celeb, entertainment, movies, drama serial and web series and more.

Zia Uddin

Zia Uddin is a Showbiz News Specialist. He is working in the entertainment news industry since 2016. He loves music and movies. He mostly writes about Movies, TV Shows and many other topics.

Abdul Samad

Abdul Samad is our news gun. He is the Chief Editor and Founder at Trending Fox. He is serving news and the internet industry from 2012. He writes for different websites. He loves to write and edit about Entertainment, Celebs, News, Tech and much more.

Azfar Saaad

Creative, consistent and precise. Azfar Saad is a journalist at Trending Fox. He writes about movies, web series, and viral entertainment content. He studied BS in Media Science.