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Ali Zafar Praised Sindh Government Decision of Lockdown

Ali Zafar Praised Sindh
Ali Zafar has tweeted to praised the Sindh government.

Ali Zafar Praised Sindh Government Decision of Lockdown. Ali has been very vocal regarding coronavirus. He has also been in the news for his controversy of the PSL V song. Ali has also remade an iconic song Ko Ko Korina to Ko-Ko corona. He has also been making videos for creating awareness in people. Ali is also multitalented he can sing, he can act, he can also paint. Ali is a complete package of an artist. He has also tweeted to spread awareness among people.

Ali has been in the news because he has also made the PSL V anthem. Due to this current situation going Ali has tweeted that the decision of Sindh is good. In his tweet, Ali Zafar Praised Sindh Government.

Ali has tweeted because he cares for the people who live in Sindh. Ali’s tweet says “Sindh’s decision for complete lockdown for the next three days, in my opinion, it what needs to be done”.

He also said ” Punjab will have to follow this sooner or later. Prevention is better than cure. We must do this. Soft curfew. Ali has said that “the Punjab govt should do the same as Sindh govt because they have to do it sooner or later”.

Ali Zafar Praised Sindh
Ali Zafar has tweeted about the current situation of coronavirus. Photo: Instagram/@AliZafarsays.

Ali also tweeted for the people who have been affected because of lockdown. He has also tweeted for the daily wagers.  ” As far as the daily wagers are concerned, as I suggested in my video yesterday, there should be a public-Govt. fund “Corona Rashan Fund” where they should be provided from. The privileged & Govt. should help the poor in times like these. #CoronaVirusUpdate #CoronaVirusPakistan”.

Ali Zafar Praised Sindh
Ali Zafar’s tweet about daily wagers. Instagram/@AliZafarsays.

Ali tweet was all about to be safe. Like everyone he wants everyone to be safe. Do not go out if it is not necessary because prevention is better than being sorry.


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