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Ali Zafar has a Special Video Message for the People in Punjab

Wahaj Ali



Ali Zafar has a Special Video Message for the
Ali Zafar has a special message in Punjabi for the People of Punjab.

Ali Zafar has a Special Video Message for the People in Punjab. Ali has been making videos to inform people. His videos are not just videos it also has a message for the people. He has also made a video in the past to create awareness. This time Ali has made another video. Ali Zafar has a Special Video Message for the people of Punjab. His video is in the Punjabi language. He has made an attempt to make people understand the seriousness of corona.

Ali has been very vocal about the current situation of the corona. He has also made a video to create awareness among the people. He not just only made a video message has also remade an old song Ko Ko Koreena to Ko-Ko Corona.

His fans had watched the videos and his song and they are liking it. His videos are making people realize to stay at home. Ali has also posted his special message on his Instagram account.

Ali has shared a video on his Instagram account. H captioned his video ” Message to our Punjabi brothers and sisters living in rural areas. Whoever can kindly share this amongst them as they may not have access to social or other media. They must be made aware of what’s coming. I wish I knew Pashto, Balochi and other languages too. Those who do kindly make awareness videos in local languages of those areas for every common person to understand and protect himself/herself”.

Ali Zafar has a Special Video Message for the

Ali Zafar’s special message in the Punjabi language for his Punjabi brothers and sisters. Photo: Instagram/ali_zafar

Ali has written in his caption, ” His Message is for all Punjabi Brothers and Sisters”. He also said that “please share this with everyone because the people in villages don’t ha access to social media or media”.

Ali further said that ” We have to make people understand what is coming their way”. He also said that ” He wishes he could know Sindhi, Balochi, Pashto and other local languages. So he can create awareness among everyone”.

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