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Akshay Kumar Posted a Video for People to Stop Violating the Lockdown

Akshay Kumar Posted a Video for
Akshay Kumar has got angry in at corona lockdown violaters.

Akshay Kumar Posted a Video for People to Stop Violating the Lockdown. Akshay has also been very supportive of this lockdown. This time Akshay has been annoyed with the people who are trying to violate the lockdown. He has also made a video to make people realize that they are putting himself in danger. In this video, he has been very angry with the corona lockdown violaters. Akshay has been a very influential superstar in the Bollywood Industry.

Akshay has made a few videos on the coronavirus lockdown. He has been informing the people to stay safe. They are taking it lightly. Akshay has been spreading knowledge concerning the corona.

Akshay Kumar Posted a Video for people on his Instagram account. His caption has portrayed the mood he is in while making the video. He has also written in his caption “#StayAtHomeSaveLives. At the risk of sounding repetitive, sharing my thoughts”.

He further said that “there is a lockdown for a reason. Please don’t be selfish and venture out, you’re putting others lives at risk 🙏🏻‬ ‪#StayAtHomeSaveLives. @my_bmc”.

In his video, Akshay was looking very angry. He wants to know that the people didn’t understand the meaning of lockdown. He said the meaning of lockdown is “Stay at Home”.

Akshay Kumar Posted a Video for
Akshaye got angry at the people who are violating the corona lockdown. Photo: Instagram/akshaykumar.

Akshay also said that don’t try to act smart because we don’t the when and where we can get affected. He has said that if anyone gets affected all his or her family will have to suffer the same fate.

Khiladi Kumar also said that “he does lots of daredevil stunts but he is also scared of the COVID-19. This is not a joke, right now the whole world is suffering from this virus. Akshay said we can be heroes of our family with staying at home”.

Akshay has cleared it that it is a war against corona. We have to stay unite and have to fight this corona by following the rules of avoiding the virus. We just have stayed clean, wash our hands, and stay at home to defeat corona.

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