20 Photos Proving That Cats Were Sent From Heaven To Make You Smile

We normally cannot look away when we see a beautiful cats online, but it is definitely more attractive when we see a funny moment of the cats. Cat owners love sharing photos of their cats on the Internet, some enjoy roasting the felines for their hilarious way of acting.

We have some photos down below and we are pretty these are proofs showing that cats are actually brought to us by heaven, to put a smile on our cheeks.

#1 “They see me rolling. They hating.”

#2 “They eggs are running out. I’m going to lay some more.”

#3 “Why are they looking at me like I’m not supposed to do this?”

#4 He can choose either of them, but he didn’t.

#5 When you thought you could get away but you couldn’t.

#6 We should appreciate cats more.

#7 “Oooooh is that Christmas time?”

#8 Take a break between the mission.

#9 “So tired. I give up.”

#10 That attitude.

#11 “Goodbye, Mufasa. I’m King now.”

#12 A styrofoam ball stuck in his nose and he was not happy.

#13 It’s hard when you want a nice photo of your cat.

#14 “Pretend to be helpful we’ll have the food quicker.”

#15 “I don’t see them. They don’t see me.”

#16 “Look up we’ll look for more fancy.”

#17 Angry cat.

#18 So exciting with her new toy.

#19 “So how is it going?”

#20 Kitty, it is not how you use the cage.