20 Hilarious Photos That Prove Cats Are The Biggest Evil

While dogs are a bit clumsy, mischievous and often motivated by greed, they rip up your couch cushions just because it’s fun to do, on the other hand, cats, are something else entirely.

Sometimes it seems like they know exactly what they are doing, and they take a kind of perverse pleasure in pissing you off.

#1 “Is this your homework?”

#2 “I need a better bed.”

#3 “I think this cat think my pastry needs extra decoration.”

#4 “No pizza without me”

#5 “Go hooman. I can’t make it further.”

#6 “Oops I think you need a new curtain…”

#7 “…an another one.”

#8 “I think this cat was trying to help building the walk-side.”

#9 “These eggs look warm though.”

#10 Lost about 40 minutes of work just now. PSA: If you have a cat, don’t buy a computer case with an upward-facing power button.

#11 “Umm.. Is this yours?”

#12 “I have nothing to do with that plant. I’m just having a nap.”

#13 “Can I have my food please…”

#14 Again, no cats with computer.

#15 “Oh hello on the other side!”

#16 “Brace yourself. I’m coming for you hooman.”

#17 “Christmas tree what?”

#18 Looks like he had a fun night there.

#19 The way down is not so awesome.

#20 Flowers flowers kitty loves flowers ~