20 Cats Who Are Totally Obsessed With Warmth

Cats love warmth and sunshine because there body temperature is higher than humans, they love and enjoy bathing in the sun, even it’s just a spot of light.

These photos were captured when our feline friends were busy feeling themselves under the sun or a warm spot, and forgot the world. Some of them are pretty hilarious as the cats use every warm spot they can find to sit on, it could be your laptop charger or even the heater.

#1 This shot is so majestic.

#2 Anywhere has warmth, there’s a cat.

#3 Sun-bathing.

#4 This cat chose a lamp.

#5 Can’t miss out the lamp.

#6 Sometimes it’s a laptop.

#7 How to get your cat off the laptop.

#8 Look how chill she is.

#9 Feel Good Inc is playing.

#10 The gang has found their favorite spot.

#11 The ‘this heater is mine’ look.

#12 You don’t want to wake that face up.

#13 Well, a dog might work as fine.

#14 King.

#15 Chillin’ by the window.

#16 “Life is good as long as I have sunshine.”

#17 “This feels so good I don’t want to leave.”

#18 A lion is sun-bathing.

#19 “Hello it feels good in here wanna join?”

#20 “Wassup hooman?”