19 Spoiled Cats That Probably Live Better Than You

We all know a ‘Crazy Cat Lady’ in our lives which are obsessed of cats, but have you met someone provide for their cats like their birth babies and you have to say “Wow this cat has been living in comfort much more than me” when you see them.

This collection below will show you these cats are so lucky that they have their owners do anything, even extra too much for them.

#1 Dinner is served.

#2 This cat looks like a rich business man and had a photoshoot by his couch.

#3 This cat has a police box.

#4 Is this cat from the royalty?

#5 Enjoy love and care.

#6 This cat has a seat on the table?

#7 I wish I have had cool toys when I was a kid.

#8 Sushi treats.

#9 This cat has an iPad?

#10 Her own mini bedroom.

#11 Cat on private jet.

#12 Dinner is served, princess.

#13 They have the best of both world.

#14 Her own office.

#15 Chillin’ on his own couch.

#16 This cat even has a castle.

#17 Lobster treats.

#18 Fancy.

#19 Great spot in the house for chilling.